Sometimes, your business or industrial area needs the kind of deep cleaning that can only be achieved through Blasting. Charter Oak offers Dry Ice Blasting which leaves no chemical residue. It is similar to Sand Blasting or Soda Blasting, in the sense that it will clean using pressurized air. However, Dry Ice Blasting does not use abrasive materials that can damage the desired cleaned surface, making it a much more desirable option for many in the Milford area. Dry Ice Blasting uses CO2 as its medium, which quickly dissipates and leaves no messy clean up. Major cleaning power with no leftover residue!

This can only be trusted to Charter Oak Environmental. We use our in-house and trained employees to provide Dry Ice Media Blasting, and other services of this nature. We also offer a vast array of services to the residential, commercial, industrial owners and developers as well as government clients. Charter Oak Environmental stands alone in our ability to work on environmental projects as small as an asbestos pipe repair to Dry Ice Media Blasting an entire industrial factory complex. No project is too big, too small, too complex, or too simple for us!

Reach out to us today for your Media Blasting needs by either calling 888-225-6090 or emailing We are extremely proud of our safety record; we have had zero work related accidents in 10 years, all the while providing the highest standard of service to our clients. Find out what we can do for you!