Charter Oak Environmental, LLC stands alone in Connecticut with its ability to work on environmental projects as small as an asbestos pipe repair or a square foot of mold to an entire condominium projects or an industrial factory complex. We also offer a vast array of services to the residential, commercial, industrial owners and developers as well as government clients. Other companies will provide you with a bid, Charter Oak Environmental will treat your project like we were the owners. We are extremely proud of our safety record, we have had zero work related accidents in 10 years, all the while providing the highest standard of service to our clients, performing in the most environmentally sound way, and by striving to minimize waste by maintaining a high volume of recycling.

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Charter Oak Environmentalwill be the recognized leader excellence in Safety Customer Service, and Quality.


Charter Oak Environmental, LLC is committed to providing the best environmental contracting services in the industry. Our goal is safety for the environment, our clients, and our employees, all the while maintaining the highest standards, the best customer service, and competitive prices.


  • “Charter Oak Environmental exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality if the service provided and their willingness to make sure the job was done “

  • “Charter Oak  is a wonderful, caring company not only are they knowledgeable and professional, but they truly care about their customers. My situation was not only a water problem, but a time related problem as well. At nine months pregnant, I had to leave my house due to mold from a basement flood. Charter Oak t moved up my appointment date so the mold could be taken care of before my baby was born. And after his birth, Charter Oak Basement sent my family a card congratulating us”

  • “They are very good and very professional. They did everything they were supposed to do. They are very confident in their work and what needs to be done. I’ve used them twice now for mold in the attic and water in my cellar and I am confident they did a great job.”

  • “Charter Oak has consistently met and exceeded the expectations on this current project as well as our previous collaborations. Continuing to display high levels of quality, dedication, adaptability, and safety that we look for in our subcontractors. They consistently delivered on their commitments made to us and exceeded our expectations.”

  • “Charter Oak did three separate projects for us and in our estimation, it is one of the best companies with whom we’ve had the pleasure to work, … they are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and personable. Everything was explained in detail and offered several alternate options.The company is completely trustworthy. Many of the activities were done in our absence and we felt comfortable opening our house to the employees. When we were present during the projects we were impressed with the workers – they treated the “job” like it was their home…”