While you may only think of asbestos as a health hazard when it comes to your home, don’t forget about all of the other places you spend time in. Many of us spend eight hours a day in the building they work in. If there is asbestos there, it could be doing potentially deadly damage to your body right now. Asbestos is extremely toxic when breathed in or touched, which is why it was banned by the federal government decades ago.

If you work at an older building in the New Haven area, this is a real possibility. Are you experiencing shortness of breath at work? Do you have a tight chest and persistent dry cough that lasts even after you leave for the day? If you are experiencing symptoms like chest pain, these are not something you want to ignore. Sometimes a cold is not just a cold. But sometimes, it is your body is reacting to breathing in asbestos while you are at work all day. It is imperative that you find out for sure, and remedy the situation if asbestos is found. Breathing in these fibers can have lifelong effects and even cause death.

It is impossible and incredibly dangerous for a nonprofessional for attempt to find asbestos anywhere it could be. Don’t take that risk! Bring in the professionals at Charter Oak Environmental, LLC. We are here to help! Call us today at 1 (888) 225-6090 or email info@coenviro.com to get started bringing our team in.